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Normalize the Blood Pressure with Hypotension Apparatus (ABPR)
Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction

Tiens has a device for reducing hypertension, called Hypotension Apparatus (Balance Apparatus for Physical Biological Electricity). The discuss shaped device, which normalize the blood pressure, work in two ways :
decreasing the hypertension and incresing the hypotension. It Works by neutralizing body biolelectric activity. Our body has biologic electricity current which is used by medical expert to chweck patients' condition; for instance, EKG is used to check heart activity and EEG is used to check brain activity. The illness happens if there is a bioelectric problem. If the problem is solved, the body will work well.

Hypotension Apparatus is a useful device to solve any kinds of health problems. Some of them are :
  • Normalize the blood pressure
  • Overcome the Pain
  • Heal the migraine
  • Avoid hair loss
  • Avoid grey hairs

The effective ways to use Hypotension Apparatus :
  1. Comb it onto head for three to five minutes each day
  2. For mild cases, do therapy for five to seven weeks regularly. For moderate severe cases, do it for nine to eleven weeks and for severe cases, do it for thirteen to fifteen weeks.
  3. Put the apparatus on hurt parts of the body to overcome the pain.
  4. Do the therapy regularly by using the apparatus at the same time every day; for instance do it before sleeping every night.
  5. To save time, do the therapy while doing other activities. To examplify, while watching TV or on the way to your office
  6. Stop the therapy if the illness has recovered;however, you are suggested to use the apparatus for twice or three a week to maintain your health.
  7. Keep consuming the doctor's medicines during the therapy. If the blood pressure is decreasing while taking the medicines, it means your hypertension is getting better, So its time to reduce the dosage of the medicine.
  8. Bring the apparatus everywhere you go to prevent sudden hypertension or migraine attack, as it is small and easily carried in your bag.
  9. You can use this apparatus in any condition, even in the wet hair

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