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Lowers fat by obstructing its absorption in the body

. Causes synergy of various organ systems

. Lowers cholesterol

. Clean the entire digestive tract by increasing the peristaltic activity

. Supports liver especially in people who drink a lot of alcohol

. Eliminates heavy metals from the body

. Helps to maintain a balanced electrolyte for good health

. Application of chitosan on the burn marks can remove the scars as it promotes new skin formation.

Herb Details

This Tianshi formula contains chitosan.

Chitosan is a nitrogenous polysaccharide similar to cellulose. It is a natural health care source derived from the hard outer layer of marine invertebrates and especially from red-footed crab. It may be regarded as a functional food, due to its auto-regulatory mechanism. It is technologically advanced product of 10 years of intense research, an integration of the efforts of 13 universities, with over 1,000 scientists and financial input of 100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million ) Us Dollars.

It is a fibrous food that can conserve water easily with a wetting and swelling action. Being a positively charged cation, it combines with negatively charged oily drops (fat) forming a barrier, which may hinder the absorption of the fat. If the fat is eventually absorbed, the chitin-chitosan, which is absorbed along with it greatly decreases the amount of fat stored. Usually fatty molecules are in combination with cholesterol or proteins, not as a single fatty molecule, in the blood stream. Hence, decrease in fatty molecules in the blood directly reduces the cholesterol levels proportionally.

Chitin-Chitosan has the ability to adjust the PH of its environment by approximately 0.5, in attempt to create a suitable condition for its optimal function.

Chitosan also regulates blood pressure by combining with chloride ion. Excess of sodium chloride (common salt ) may aggravate the elevation of blood pressure. As chitin-chitosan is a cationic dietary fibre, it can combine with the chloride anion in common salt and be excreted, thus lowering the chloride content in the body. This action will reduce the predisposing factors that lead to high blood pressure.

Environmental pollution, which causes a lot of problems in humans, is ever increasing nowadays. The most well known is the harmful effects of heavy metals, e.g. cadmium poisoning can cause ostealgia and mercury may cause toxic symptoms characterized by a peppery taste in the mouth, excessive salivation, loss of teeth, sponginess of the gums and ulceration in the mouth and marked emaciation. One can rely on the absorptive power of chitin-chitosan for its effective excretion of these heavy metals.


Contents:- 100 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage:- 2 capsule/twice a day with warm water (30 minutes before 2 heavy meals ) Drink plenty of water when consuming this supplement.

. Any fat soluble vitamin (A,D,E & K) medication or fatty acid should be taken

at least 4 hours before or after taking chitosan

. Anyone allergic to shellfish or sea food should take WMS with caution

. Keep in a cool and dry place

. It is strongly recommended that children below 16 years, pregnant or lactating women should not use this supplement.
Benefits Of Chitosan

1. Reduces Blood Lipid

2. Strengthens The Liver

3. Reduces Blood Glucose Level

4. Prevention of High Blood Pressure

5. Absorption of Heavy Metal

6. Helps in Excretion

7. Improves Digestive Functio

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