Passive Income

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What is passive income and how can I earn some?
Passive income, on the other hand, is permanent income. In this type of business you can take an overseas vacation and return to find that your business has actually grown.
Residual or passive income is only enjoyed by a relatively few occupations: authors, songwriters, movie stars, inventors ... and those who have developed a successful network marketing business.
Passive income is where you are paid over and over again, throughout your lifetime, for something you did only once. Think of it like a royalty payment. So, as long as your organisation is ordering product from Tiens, you will receive the bonuses on those sales, even if you haven't been personally responsible for making the sale.
Don't forget, it's not just your customers that earn you income!
This is the greatest advantage of Network Marketing. It is not just your personal sales that produce income, but the combined purchases and sales of those you have introduced to the business, and who they have introduced, and so on.

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