Compensation Plan

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Tiens Compensation Plan
  • There are eight types of bonuses and rewards you can earn
  • There are no annual renewal fees
  • You are offered a lifetime membership
  • You never lose your position once you qualify for it.
  • There are no breakaways and no flushing
  • Your Qualifying volumes are cumulative
  • Rewards like prestige cars are given to you out right no payment plans.
  • You can build an international business in over 90 countries.
  • Only 50 PBV to qualify for bonus payments
  • How the Bonuses work
    The eight types of income available through Tiens.
    1. Retail Profit 20%
    As an Independent Consultant of Tiens, you are entitled to purchase products at a wholesale rate. You are then free to retail product to your customers with the difference between the wholesale and retail prices being entirely your profit.
    2. Preferred Customer Bonus 5 - 40%
    A Preferred Customer is someone who is only interested in consuming or using the product and is not interested in becoming an Independent Consultant. They are entitled to purchase product at the wholesale rate, but they are not eligible to receive bonuses. The Business Value (BV), which is generated, goes to the Independent Consultant who sponsored them.
    3. Direct Bonus 5 - 40%
    A Direct Bonus is what you as an Independent Consultant earn from your personally sponsored frontline starting at the 2-star level. As you advance in rank, you receive a corresponding increase in your Direct Bonus percentage until you reach a maximum 40%. This also applies to your personal purchases where you receive a rebate payment as a Direct Bonus.
    4. Indirect Bonus 4 - 35%
    The Indirect Bonus is calculated on the BV of your entire down-line. It is based on a sliding scale of 4% increments and the percentage varies depending on your ranking and the ranking of your down-line members. As your business develops, this bonus alone can produce substantial income.
    5. Leadership Bonus 3.5%
    The Leadership Bonus is earned on the entire down-line organisation of an Independent Consultant with the same ranking as you. As your ranking increases, so the Leadership Bonus payments increase. This bonus is paid from the 5-star to 8-star level and from your first generation to your fifth generation down-line.
    6. Honoured Title Bonus .25 - 5% Total Global Turnover
    The Honoured Title Bonus is like a profit-sharing plan, only it is paid on sales revenue and not just profit. Tiens puts aside 5% of worldwide sales in a pool for those who qualify for the Honoured Title Bonus. You qualify when you become an 8-star Independent Consultant with two 8-star legs in your down-line and a minimum GBV of 2,500.
    7. Special Rewards (Trips, Prestige Car, Luxury Yacht, Plane, Luxury Home)
    Special Awards are offered to Independent Consultants who achieve the highest levels of the Compensation Plan. An Independent Consultant who achieves the Honoured Title Bonus for six months (including three consecutive months), will be awarded with the following: The Bronze Lion will win a FREE TRIP, the Silver Lion a PRESTIGE CAR the Gold Lion and 1-4 star Gold Lion a YACHT, the 5 star Gold Lion a PLANE, and the Honoured Director a LUXURY HOME. Each of these awards can be earned as the BV accumulates and increases. Once you have been awarded these prizes they are yours outright. There is no future qualifying required to keep the awards.
    8. Auto-ship Bonus 1- 10%
    The Auto-ship Bonus is paid on all Auto-ship purchases in your down-line to seven levels deep. Up to 40% of the Autoship BV is paid to qualifying Independent Consultants. The benefit of Autoship with the 50BV minimum purchase is two-fold. It ensures that 1) you and your customers never run out of your favourite products and 2) you qualify for bonus payments.

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