Double Cellulose

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In our nutrition ration we lack cellular tissue, because that we eat processed and refined and often potted food, which has a lot of fat and carbohydrates. These products stimulate atherosclerosis, diabetes, allergic diseases, oncologic and heart vessels diseases as well as obesity. 70% of adults and 90% of children suffers from disbacteriosis because of inadequate nutrition and consumption of remedy having the imbalance of intestine flora.

When harmful elements concentrate in human organism the function of toxin elimination is disturbed. Elements, that human organism cannot eliminate disturb the functioning of immunity system. This is the fact why specific resistance weakens and why allergic diseases appear.

"Double cellulosis" is an active biological product where is the cellular tissue of corn which through the villis of small intestine mucous membrane gets into blood and condition the normal metabolism of fat and lipids as well as accelerates the movement of excrements in intestine. The product affects metabolism of electrolytes, has the antioxidant effect, has a positive influence on intestines' micro-flora, absorbs and eliminates toxins and soils of heavy metals and other cancerogenic elements from the organism, prevents the process of decay and fermentation in the large intestine.


• for treatment of obstruction;
• for treatment of Hemorrhoids and splits of the anus;
• having disbacteriosis;
• as supplement measure in treatment of diabetes;
• having atherosclerosis and heart ishemia as well as hypertonia;
• on purpose of the reduction of the amoun of cholesterin;
• for the prophylaxis of cholecistite and gall-bladder gravel;
• for treatment of iintestine disease, specially divericullosis;
• having gastric and duodenum diseases;
• having gastroezofagealic reflex;
• for prophylaxis and treatment of obesity;
• having large intestine cancer;
• for treatment of diseases of middle-aged people.

Unadvisable for:children up to 4 years, pregnant women and breast-feeding women and having sore in a large intestine. It is unadviceable to apply it together with "Chitosan".

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