Tiens Goals

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Business Objectives
To create a better life by sharing the achievements of Tianshi.
Business Policy
To achieve diversified operations, top brands, global business and contribution to mankind.
Business Positioning
A top-notch diversified international conglomerate.
Business Philosophy
To promote health of mankind and benefit the world.
Public Good
To be a responsible citizen contributing to the wellbeing of the public and society.
Service philosophy
Be practical, diligent, innovative, enthusiastic and efficient.
Corporate Culture
To serve with dedication, to bring health, confidence, hope, success and wealth to mankind guided by the principle of "promoting health of mankind and serving society".
Corporate Spirit
Serve the nation, strive for excellence, harmony and unity, enthusiasm and dedication.
Management Principle
Be knowledgeable, systematic, people-oriented and caring.
Development Strategy
To become a global conglomerate based on Six Network Interaction Concept and its excellent personnel resources.
Internal Slogan
Bringing health and happiness to all corners of the world.
External Slogan
Sharing and achieving together.

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