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TIENS is derived from the Chinese spelling Tianshi. "Health and wealth" constitute the theme of TIENS' international expansion in the future, which marks Tianshi Group's shift toward a global orientation and diversification at the turn of the new century. The design of the logo is centered on the dynamic arc, which represents the high-tech theme, conveys a sense of unlimited possibilities with its interactive structure, and symbolizes the brand TIENS' unabated energy and unceasing development. Among the colors of the logo, green represents health, growth, harvest and environmental protection, which ensures the sustainable growth of Tianshi's operations; yellow means wealth and hope, which serves as the financial support of the company's global venture; black suggests Tianshi's strength and steadiness. "Shi" means lion. Over the centuries, the city of Cangzhou has been famous for its ancient iron sculpture of a lion, which has become a symbol of the city, and has been given the nickname of "Lion City". Mr. Li Jinyuan, Tianshi's president, reminded of the iron lion of his hometown, chose the word "lion," which also connotes the sleeping lion, the awakening lion, Leo, etc. In 1993, Mr. Li Jinyuan came to Tianjin to start his business. "Tian" means Universe or Heaven, which is associated with heaven's will, favorable geographical position, and popular support. Hence the company was named Tianshi (Heaven Lion). The lion represents Mr. Li Jinyuan's fond memories of his hometown. The wings suggest Tianshi Group's soaring aspirations and youthful vigor.
  • Business goal : Making a good life by sharing tianshi's succses.
  • Operation guidelines : Diversification ; first class brand ; global business ; a contribution to mankind.
  • Business status : First global diversified enterprise.
  • Business philosophy : Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.
  • Public interest : Promoting public welfare and benefiting all.
  • Service philosophy : Practicality, hard work, commitment, creativity, enthusiasm, and efficiency.
  • Corporate culture: Earnestly dedicating oneself to bringing mankind health, confidence, hope, success, and wealth with the central goal of "serving society by restoring health to mankind".
  • Corporate spirit: Serving our country by establishing a successful business; constantly striving for higher goals through harmonious teamwork and earnest dedication.
  • Organizational management principle: People-oriented.
  • Development strategy: A gradual shift toward the international market.
  • Internal slogan: Spread health and happiness all over the world!
  • External slogan: Share together and fly together!

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