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About Tiens

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TIENS is derived from the Chinese spelling Tianshi. "Health and wealth" constitute the theme of TIENS' international expansion in the future, which marks Tianshi Group's shift toward a global orientation and diversification at the turn of the new century. The design of the logo is centered on the dynamic arc, which represents the high-tech theme, conveys a sense of unlimited possibilities with its interactive structure, and symbolizes the brand TIENS' unabated energy and unceasing development. Among the colors of the logo, green represents health, growth, harvest and environmental protection, which ensures the sustainable growth of Tianshi's operations; yellow means wealth and hope, which serves as the financial support of the company's global venture; black suggests Tianshi's strength and steadiness. "Shi" means lion. Over the centuries, the city of Cangzhou has been famous for its ancient iron sculpture of a lion, which has become a symbol of the city, and has been given the nickname of "Lion City". Mr. Li Jinyuan, Tianshi's president, reminded of the iron lion of his hometown, chose the word "lion," which also connotes the sleeping lion, the awakening lion, Leo, etc. In 1993, Mr. Li Jinyuan came to Tianjin to start his business. "Tian" means Universe or Heaven, which is associated with heaven's will, favorable geographical position, and popular support. Hence the company was named Tianshi (Heaven Lion). The lion represents Mr. Li Jinyuan's fond memories of his hometown. The wings suggest Tianshi Group's soaring aspirations and youthful vigor.
  • Business goal : Making a good life by sharing tianshi's succses.
  • Operation guidelines : Diversification ; first class brand ; global business ; a contribution to mankind.
  • Business status : First global diversified enterprise.
  • Business philosophy : Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.
  • Public interest : Promoting public welfare and benefiting all.
  • Service philosophy : Practicality, hard work, commitment, creativity, enthusiasm, and efficiency.
  • Corporate culture: Earnestly dedicating oneself to bringing mankind health, confidence, hope, success, and wealth with the central goal of "serving society by restoring health to mankind".
  • Corporate spirit: Serving our country by establishing a successful business; constantly striving for higher goals through harmonious teamwork and earnest dedication.
  • Organizational management principle: People-oriented.
  • Development strategy: A gradual shift toward the international market.
  • Internal slogan: Spread health and happiness all over the world!
  • External slogan: Share together and fly together!

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Company Profile

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Based on the advanced biotechnology industry and diversifying its business into various industries such as finance, real estate, education, culture and modern logistics, Tiens Group Co. Ltd. is a large-scale global enterprise; the domestic plants of Tiens are located in the Wuqing New Technology Development Zone of Tianjin, China.
Tiens Group was established in 1995 and entered the international market in early 1998 with an internationalised paradigm catering to its own development. With branches set up in 112 countries and regions, it has established extensive strategic partnerships with over 10 overseas enterprises in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Spain and Egypt. In China, Tiens has registered 33 provincial-level subsidiaries and 100 second level subsidiaries with 3,000 monopoly stores. Tiens sells its products in 200 countries and regions and maintains 20 million regular customers worldwide. World Brand Laboratory, a famous world brand evaluation institution and World Economic Forum jointly issued the list of China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands. With a brand value of A$1,235 million, Tiens Group is ranked No. 64 on the list.
Based on its state-of-the-art biotechnology, Tiens concentrates on the exploration of traditional Chinese medicine and the essence of life-nurturing methodology and has diversified its products into 5 main categories totalling 1000 products.
The quality of our products is further ensured by the importation of advanced production equipment and technologies from Germany, the United States and other developed countries. The group has obtained the certification of quality system ISO9001: 2000, the national GMP Certification for drugs and health products and HACCP Management System Certification. Tiens products have also gained the Kosher Certificate and Halal Certificate issued by Islamic Society and Jewish Church respectively.
As the owner of two state-level patents, Tiens has received international honours and awards for many of its national and global-leading production technologies. It has been conferred the title "National Enterprise with Double Guarantees of Quality and After Service" by the China Association for Quality Inspection and "National Honesty Unit of Consumer Rights Protection with Guarantees of Quality and Service" by China Foundation of Consumer Protection and also cited as the "Best Enterprise Regarding Global Ecological Security" by the United Nations.
The attainment of Tiens' strategic target of globalisation has been assured by its high-calibre talents' group and the localized and systemized management. Among Tiens' professional employees, 18% are holders of master degrees or above. Tiens Group has almost 5,000 employees, among whom over 1,500 are localized non-Chinese.
In the persistent pursuit of the enterprise value "to be an eligible corporate citizen", Tiens people actively undertake their corporate social responsibility and obligations. Over A$50 million has been allocated to establish Tiens Vocational & Technical College, a non-profit private institute of higher education. By the beginning of 2005, Tiens had donated A$83 million in cash and products and has won a high reputation from all circles of society.