Corporate Honours

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Corporate Honours
  • The Famous Brand Popularising Centre of China Quality Long March, under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, awarded "Quality and Credit Following Brand in China Quality Long March" to the Tiens products of Tiens Group.
  • Tiens Group was conferred the title of Honesty Unit of Consumer Rights Protection with National Guarantee of Quality and Service by China Foundation of Consumer Protection, which is the second time Tiens Group won the honour.
  • 2004
  • Tiens Group entered China Top 100 Enterprises with Greatest Vitality and stood 20th on the list by November 27. Sponsored by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with domestic media, the event aims to explore and promote Chinese excellent enterprises with greatest vitality, risk withstanding and ever growing systems. The list was made through several rounds of evaluation and strict appraisal.
  • In Oct, after strict reviews and evaluations by the evaluation committee of Excellent Chinese Private Science & Technology Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Tiens Group won the award for Excellent Chinese Private Science & Technology Enterprise.
  • On June 28, World Brand laboratory and World Economic Forum jointly issued the 500 most valuable brands of China, in which Tiens Group ranked No. 64 as a whole and No. 1 in Tianjin.
  • On Mar. 18, Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. was selected in "2003 Ten Best Collectively-owned and Private Export Enterprises".
  • On Mar. 15, Tiens Group was entitled "Vice President Unit of the Centre for the Promotion of the Overseas Chinese Commercial & Industrial Enterprise".
  • On Mar. 9, Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. won the 2nd Prize in the Tiens Cup - 3.15 Quality and Consumer Knowledge Competition.
  • On Feb. 26, the Tiens series health care products manufactured by Tiens Group was conferred "Quality & Service Double Excellent Brand".
  • On Feb. 26, Tiens Group was conferred the title of Vice President Unit by Foreign Economic Cooperation Association.
  • On Feb. 23, Tiens Group was issued the certificate of "State Product Quality Post-sale Service and Credit Double-Guarantee Enterprise".
  • In Feb. the Management Commission of Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone conferred Tiens Group the title of "2003 Advanced Unit of Safe Production"
  • On Jan. 1, Tiens Group was awarded "The Prize for Study-Oriented Group" on the "Study-oriented Centurial Success Forum of China".

  • 2003
  • On. Nov. 4, the Enterprise Federation of Tianjin and Entrepreneurs Association of Tianjin conferred Tiens Group the membership of the two institutions.
  • In Nov. the Ministry of Health of P.R. China conferred Tiens Group the Honourable Certificate of Anti-SARS Donation.
  • On Oct. 18, Tiens Group became the co-sponsor for "2003-2004 National Student Physical Health Standards Promotion".
  • In Sept., Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. got listed in "Chinese Food Industry (Food Manufacture Industry) Top 100 Enterprises" by the Department of Industrial Transportation Statistics of the State Statistics Bureau and Chinese Food Industrial Association.
  • In Aug., Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder was conferred the title of "Brand Product of Tianjin" by the People's Government of Tianjin.
  • Tianjin Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution conferred Tiens Group the honour of "Forging Credit & Guaranteeing Quality".
  • On July 8, Tiens Bio-Development Co., Ltd. was conferred the titles of "Top 10 Export-Oriented Enterprises of State Healthcare Industry" and "Top 10 Private Enterprises of State Healthcare Equipment Industry".
  • On July 8, Tiens Bio-Development Co., Ltd. was conferred "2000-2002 Top 100 Enterprises of Chinese Healthcare Food Industry".
  • On June 25, Tiens Group was ranked No. 17 of Top 100 Enterprises of Tianjin.
  • On Mar. 18, Tiens Group was listed in 10 Best Collective and Private Enterprise of Tianjin.
  • In Feb., Tiens series healthcare products were conferred the title of "Designated Brand for Purchase of Chinese Name and Excellent Women and Children Used Products" by the Purchase Edition Committee.
  • In March, the Food Industry Association of Tianjin entitled Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tiens Bio-Development Co., Ltd "2003 Top 50 Enterprises of Tianjian food Industry".
  • On Mar. 10, China Society for Promoting Guangcai Program conferred Tiens Group the honourable certificate of "China Guangcai Program".
  • In Feb. Tiens Group was entitled "2001-2002 Annual Culturally-Advanced Unit of Tianjin" by the People's Government of Tianjin due to its outstanding achievements in the movement of creating a culturally-advanced unit.

  • 2002
  • On Dec. 30, Tiens Group was conferred the honorary title of "Social Supervision Double Guarantee of Quality and Service Committed Unit".
  • On Nov. 14, Tiens Group was conferred "Love Prize" on the 3rd National Special Olympic Games.
  • On Sept. 6, Tiens Group's series products were the designated products for the 3rd Special Olympic Games.
  • In June, Tiens Group was conferred "Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Ethnic Unity and Progress" by State Ethnic Affairs Commission of P. R. China.
  • On April 28, Tiens Group was entitled "1999-2000 Annual Afforestation Unit".
  • On April 23, Tiens Group was conferred the honorary title of "Benevolence, Contribution and help".
  • On Mar. 6, Tiens Group was conferred "Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Assisting and helping the Handicapped".
  • On Mar. 2, Tiens Group was conferred the title of "No. 1 Taxpayer of Wuqing Development Zone of Tianjin.
  • In Mar., Tiens Group was conferred the honorary title of "Top 100 Enterprises of Tianjin" by the People's Government of Tianjin.
  • In Feb., Tiens Group was conferred "Top 50 Enterprises of Food Industry" by the People's Government of Tianjin.
  • Tiens Group was conferred the honorary title of "Best Enterprise of International Ecological Security" by UN Ecological Security Committee and the Institute of International Ecological Security.
  • 2001
  • The series products of Tiens Group was conferred the "Prize for Best Contemporary Consumption" on the 2nd Tianjian International Food and Beverage Exposition.
  • On Aug. 18, Tiens Group was ranked in the "Top 10 Enterprises on China International Healthcare Festival".
  • Tiens Group was honourably ranked in the "2000 Top 50 Chinese Healthcare Food Enterprises".
  • Tiens Group was honourably conferred the "Prize for Contributions on Spiritual Civilization" on Tianjin International Comic Art Festival".
  • 2000
  • Tiens Group won the title of "Exemplary Unit of Excellent Quality".
  • Tiens Group was conferred the corporate membership of "Chinese Enterprise Association".
  • Tiens Group was conferred the title of "2000 Advanced Science & Technology Work Group".
  • Tiens Group won the title of "Excellent Chinese Unit for the New Century".
  • 1999
  • On Nov. 2, Tiens Group was conferred "Network Member Unit"
  • Tiens Group won the prize for "Special Honour" on the 3rd Beijing International Beijing Opera and Kunqu Lovers Competition on TV.
  • 1998
  • Tiens Group won "Award for Human Health" on the 2nd Session of Seminar on Calcium Metabolism".
  • 1996
  • Tiens Bio-Development was conferred the membership by Quality and Consumption.
  • Awards on the Products
  • On Jan. 21, China Health Care Association conferred the title of Brand Product of China Health Care Industry on Tiens Super Calcium Powder for Children.
  • On Jan. 18, All China Light Industry Federation confers the prize of Best Innovative Product on Tiens Whitening Skin-care Essence and Tiens Hydro Skin-care Essence.
  • 2004
  • On Oct. 27, on the 4th International Healthcare Festival of China, Tiens Metabolic Balance Capsules was evaluated to rank in Top 10 Healthcare Products.
  • On Oct. 4, the Ministry of Health, Romania awarded Tiens Group the Special Award for Healthcare Food.
  • 2003
  • The China Association for Quality Inspection conferred Tiens Group the title of the Chinese Enterprises of Double Guarantee of Product Quality and After-Services.
  • Tiens healthcare series products were recommended by the Committee for Evaluation and Recommendation of Famous Quality Products for Chinese Women and Children as one of the Favoured Famous Quality Brands.
  • 2002
  • Tianshi Chitinoid (Chitosan) Capsules were recommended by IQAC as quality products.
  • Tianshi Chitinoid (Chitosan) Capsules were certified by ETCC as Recommended Internationally-Traded Product.
  • Tianshi Chitinoid (Chitosan) Capsules were recommended by the Los Angeles Chinese Products Exhibition Centre for exhibition at the international fair.
  • Tianshi Seabuckthorn Capsules (Youth & Health), Tianshi Cordyceps and Tianshi Spirulina Capsules were jointly recommended to the European market by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade of China and the Committee for Quality Assurance and Assessment of Science and Technology Products of France.
  • Tianshi Products were officially recommended as products for the UN institutions by the UN Association for the Promotion of World Unification.
  • The Tianshi Nutrient Health Product series was named by the Third China Special Olympics as the only recommended nutrient health product brand.
  • Tianshi products won the Gold Prize for Medical Oncology at the 2002 Almacede International New Industrial Technology Fair.
  • 2001
  • Tianshi health products were named the only recommended health product brand at the Tianjin International Comic Arts Festival.
  • Tianshi Seabuckthorn (Youth & Health) Capsules were granted the title of Excellent Health Product at the Second China International Health Festival.
  • The International Academy of Human Researches in Aeronautics and Astronautics named Tianshi health products The Best Health Food for Aeronautical and Astronautical Uses.
  • Tianshi Weight Loss Tea was recommended at the 21st-Century Choice Foods for Health Families.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize at the Fifth China International Health Products Exposition.
  • 2000
  • Tianshi Seabuckthorn (Youth & Health) Capsules won the Gold Prize at the Second China Fair of New and Special Medicines and Health Products.
  • 1999
  • Tianshi Health Products were appointed the only health product brand recommended at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.
  • The Fifth China International Quality Health Products Exposition awarded the gold medal to Tianshi Nutrient High Calcium Powder.
  • 1998
  • The Tianshi High Absorption Calcium Product series won the title of Recommended Product, given by China Consumers Protection Fund.
  • At the Second China Calcium Metabolism Symposium, Tianshi was given the Award for Contribution to Human Health.
  • 1997
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize for Health Food at the Cooperation Conference of the World's Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors held in New York, USA.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Geriatrics from the American International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Award for Great Invention in the Health Industry from the Asian and American Inventors' Association.
  • Tianshi Xuebao Acupuncture Machine won the Gold Prize at the First Einstein International Invention/New Product Exposition.
  • 1996
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize at '96 China Invention/ Patent Exposition.
  • Tianshi Xuebao Acupuncture Machine won the Gold Prize at the '96 Beijing International Invention Exposition.
  • 1995
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder was recommended by the Committee for Evaluation of Products Preferred by Chinese Women and Children as a Favoured Brand.
  • 1994
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder received the Best Product Award and the Best Fashion Consumer Goods Award from the Second International Foods and Drinks Exhibition held in Tianjin.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize at the Quality Prevention and Health Products Exhibition Held in Honour of the Sixth International Science and Peace Week.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder was named the only Health Drink Recommended at the FINA World Championships.
  • Vigor Rousing Capsules

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    Vigor Rousing Capsules

    Provides herbal support to the heart

    . Prevents thrombus (clot) formation

    . Effectively removes free radicals

    . Stops low density lipoprotein (LDL) from oxidation

    . Retards the degenerative process

    . Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory functions

    Herb Details

    This herbal formula contains Resveratrol , a grape extract.

    Resveratol is derived from grape plant by using a high-tech bioengineering process. While present in other foods such as mulberries and eucalyptus ,spruce and lily and in other foods such as mulberries and peanuts, resveratrol most abundant natural sources are Vitis vinifera ,labrusca, and muscadine grapes , which are used to make wines. The antioxidant is naturally occurring and grapes are its most substantial natural source. It occurs in the vines ,roots, seeds, and staiks of grapes.

    Resveratol(trans-3,5,4-trihydroxystilbene),a compound found largely in skins of red grapes ,is a component of Ko-jo-kon ,an oriental medicine used to treat diseases of the blood vessels, heart [1,2] ,and liver[2] . It came to scientific attention only four years ago however ,as a possible explanation for the French Paradoxa the low incidence of heart disease among the French people, who eat a relatively high-fat diet[3].

    Cardiovascular Effects

    Several studies have demonstrated that resveratrol is an effective antioxidant[4,5] .Reduced platalt aggregation has also been demonstrated in studioes on resveratrol, further contributing to its prevention of athetosclerosis [2,5]

    Cancer-Related Effects

    One appealing characteristic of resveratrol anti-cancer potential is its minimal toxicity to blood-forming cells [6]

    Taking resveratol pills is certainly safer than heavy consumption of red wine .

    Resverstrol supports the heart by keeping fragments of cell called platelets from forming dangerous blood clots and also by reducing inflammation.

    Energy supplement has been approved as a functional health supplement In the year 2000, this product has received outstanding comments from the scientists and researchers during the 2nd new invention drugs and health product exhibition in chong qing, china.It is the only product awarded with a gold medal.

    Dosage :

    Contents: 60 capsules per bottle

    Recommended dosage : 2 caps/twice a day with warm water(empty stomach)

    2caps/thrice a day with warm water

    *Keep it in a cool and dry place

    *It is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women should not use this supplement


    1. Celotti E and others Resveratrol content of some wines obtained from dried valpolicella grapes :Recioto and Amarone. Journal of chromatography A730(1-2):47-52,1996.

    2. Soleas GJ, Diamandis EP ,Goldberg DM .Resveratrol :a molecule whose time has come ? And gone? Clinical Biochemistry 30:91-113,1997.

    3. Kopp P.resveratrol a phytoestrogen found in red wine. A possible explanation for the conundrum of the ‘French paradox’? European journal of Endocrinology 138:619-620,1998.

    4. Chanvitayapongs S, Draczynska-Lusiak B, sun AY. Amelioration of oxidative sress by antioxidants and resveratrol in PC12 cells. Neuroreport 8:1499-1502,1997

    5. Rotondo S and others . Effect of trans-resveratrol, anatural polyphenolic compound, on human polymorphonuclear leukocyte function. British journal of pharmacology 123:1691-1699,1998.

    6. Clement MV and others . Chemopreventive agent reveratrol , a natural product derived from grapes ,triggers CD95 signaling dependent apoptosis in human tumor cells. Blood 92:996-1002,1998.


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    Tiens Cordycafe uniquely enriched with herb cordyceps, is an irresistible complement to your drinking pleasure “ It invigorates your spirit and mind ,improves work efficiency and productivity.

    Along with good aroma & taste Cordy cafe gives you all the benefit of herb Cordyceps sinesis which boosts your immune system & supports the functioning of your organs.

    Ingredients :

    Herb Cordyceps senesis

    Skimmed Milk Powder

    Coffe enhancer

    Condenced milk powder


    Tricalcium Phosphate

    Cocoa Powder

    Foaming non dairy powder etc.

    Contents 12 sachects per packet

    Recommended usage : 1-2 times daily, 1 sachet for a cup (+ 150 ml ) each time to be mixed with hot water.

    Improves digestion

    Uplifts work efficiency

    Boosts Immunity.



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    Spirulina (Spirulina Capsules) is one of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet hence why it is called a SUPER FOOD! Tiens Spirulina is made of dried spirulina or blue-green algae and contains a rich source of anti-oxidants. The results of scientific research have confirmed that spirulina contains easy to digest vegetable protein, essential fatty acids (GLA) and polysaccharides which promote the growth of lactobacilli, the good bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Scientific research has confirmed that spirulina has numerous anti-oxidants. It contains a natural balance of over 100 organic nutrients including vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, trace elements and amino acids including selenium, zinc, manganese, copper, methionine and high levels of natural vitamin E. It is also the world’s richest whole food source of iron, protein, chlorophyll and betacarotene. Scientists believe that the tiny Spirulina plant is close to the perfect food and many researchers believe it can significantly improve your health and energy levels.

    Use only as directed. Always read the label.


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    Cordyceps mycelium

    Provides herbal support to the kidneys

    Supports the lungs in conditions like cough, shortness of breath, profuse

    perspiration and fatigue.

    Anti inflammatory effect

    Enhances immune system

    Supports the body to deal with immune deficient amp; hyper-immune cases.

    Acts as a natural antibiotic agent.

    Supports the body to improve liver function

    Increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue

    Acts as a support system that helps to tolerate the effects of chemotherapy better.

    Makes the skin young amp; beautiful by improving the blood circulation

    Herb Details

    This Tianshi formula contains the herb cordyceps

    Cordyceps is one of the rarest and treasured herbs. It can be found in isolated places of south –west china, especially in the provinces of Tibet, Sichuan ,Qinghai ,Guise, and Yunnan, in locations over 3500 to 6000 meters above sae level. Cordyceps is primarily collected wild that is usually very expensive and costs up to $1000 for 100 grams.

    A rare species with unique characteristics .Actually ,it is a combination of a plant and worm. The parasitic fungus coprdyceps sinesis, grows on the larvae of Hepialus aramoricanus. Over its 2 years underground life, it accumulates An abundant store of nutrients and special components essential for life at higher altitudes; there fore it can endure long-term hunger .

    In ancient china ,cordyceps was highly recommended as one of the most effective herb for health .C.siensis was first described in Chinese medical text in c.A.D 200. Alater account, c.A.D 1600, compared this bizarre, medicinal caterpillar fungus to ginseng as a tonic. A sweet tonic for lungs and kidneys, and a tranquilizer amp; muscle relaxant controlling cough and having anti bacterial and cancer effect.[1]

    Used internally for

    . Cough

    . Tuberculosis

    . Condition associated with kidneys weakness (impotence, back pains, nightsweats)

    . Menopausal problems

    . Convalescence

    . Naso-pharyngeal cancer

    In general, cordyceps is a tonic that helps the body build strength, improves the organic functioning, strengthens the immune system and brings longevity.


    Contents:- 100 caps per bottle

    Recommended Dosage :- 1-2 capsules / two times a day with warm water (empty stomach)

    *keep in a cool and dry place

    * it is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women ,any one with a medical condition must consult a physician before using this product


    [1] Deni Bown enclopedia of herbs and their uses ,The Royal Horticulture society, Dorling Kindersely limited ,London:267,1995.


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    Since long time the basic problem human being is health, It is very necessary to treat diseases to have good health. If a person is sick. he will definitely go to a Doctor Doctor advised him many laboratory tests which become grate trouble for the patient. If he donot go to labs. For tests then doctor won’t be confirmed about his disease & when he reached labs. It becomes so late that the disease becomes almost incurable. But now all these problems can be solved by a very simple and small apparatus named Aculife. Aculife utilizes magic wave to perform health condltion diagnosis. It relieves general health problems by stimulating acupunchre meridians on the ear and palm which improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system

    Antilipemic Tea

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    Modern life style leads the society to the unhealthy food inasmuch as they tend to choose fast food because of its convenience and delicious taste. Unfortunately, this fst food does not provide our body any benefits due to its fats excesses as well as fiber and vitamins deficiency. Consuming too much fatty foods will result to the increasing of cholesterol in the blood. These fats will be concentrated in the blood vessels, causing the clog of blood. As a result, the heart will not able to work well and other disease will emerge.

    Don't let this happend to you and your family! We can avoid the risk of heart problems by having a healthy life such as take regular exercise and eat low fat foods. The prevention can be optimized by consuming Tiens' tea, known as, Antilipemic Tea.

    Tiens Tea consists of kind of herbs, one of which is green tea. Here are the following benefits of Antilipemic Tea:
    • Regularize the blood circulation
    • neutralize the blood due to fatty foods and triglyceride
    • Decrease the cholesterol (LDL) and uric acid.
    • Neutralize poison (free radical) in the body.
    • Regularize the urinary system.
    • Prevent the heart problems.
    • Strengthen heart.
    • Heal the sight problem.
    • Nourish the skin face.
    • Avoid grey hair.
    • Reduce body weight in a long term period
    Hoe to Consume Tiens' Tea?
    1. Boil 3 glasses of water (250 cc each glass), put the tea in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Turn off the stove and tea is ready to serve.
    2. Do not add sugar to get the best result of tea.
    3. Drink tea 2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.
    4. Antilipemic Tea absorbs and passes the unnecessary matters out through urine. Do not consume before they are absorbed.
    5. A sachet of tea can be boiled more then once a day. Keep the used sached in the refrigerator so as it can be reused.