Double Cellulose

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In our nutrition ration we lack cellular tissue, because that we eat processed and refined and often potted food, which has a lot of fat and carbohydrates. These products stimulate atherosclerosis, diabetes, allergic diseases, oncologic and heart vessels diseases as well as obesity. 70% of adults and 90% of children suffers from disbacteriosis because of inadequate nutrition and consumption of remedy having the imbalance of intestine flora.

When harmful elements concentrate in human organism the function of toxin elimination is disturbed. Elements, that human organism cannot eliminate disturb the functioning of immunity system. This is the fact why specific resistance weakens and why allergic diseases appear.

"Double cellulosis" is an active biological product where is the cellular tissue of corn which through the villis of small intestine mucous membrane gets into blood and condition the normal metabolism of fat and lipids as well as accelerates the movement of excrements in intestine. The product affects metabolism of electrolytes, has the antioxidant effect, has a positive influence on intestines' micro-flora, absorbs and eliminates toxins and soils of heavy metals and other cancerogenic elements from the organism, prevents the process of decay and fermentation in the large intestine.


• for treatment of obstruction;
• for treatment of Hemorrhoids and splits of the anus;
• having disbacteriosis;
• as supplement measure in treatment of diabetes;
• having atherosclerosis and heart ishemia as well as hypertonia;
• on purpose of the reduction of the amoun of cholesterin;
• for the prophylaxis of cholecistite and gall-bladder gravel;
• for treatment of iintestine disease, specially divericullosis;
• having gastric and duodenum diseases;
• having gastroezofagealic reflex;
• for prophylaxis and treatment of obesity;
• having large intestine cancer;
• for treatment of diseases of middle-aged people.

Unadvisable for:children up to 4 years, pregnant women and breast-feeding women and having sore in a large intestine. It is unadviceable to apply it together with "Chitosan".

Vigor Rousing Capsules

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Vigor Rousing Capsules

Provides herbal support to the heart

. Prevents thrombus (clot) formation

. Effectively removes free radicals

. Stops low density lipoprotein (LDL) from oxidation

. Retards the degenerative process

. Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory functions

Herb Details

This herbal formula contains Resveratrol , a grape extract.

Resveratol is derived from grape plant by using a high-tech bioengineering process. While present in other foods such as mulberries and eucalyptus ,spruce and lily and in other foods such as mulberries and peanuts, resveratrol most abundant natural sources are Vitis vinifera ,labrusca, and muscadine grapes , which are used to make wines. The antioxidant is naturally occurring and grapes are its most substantial natural source. It occurs in the vines ,roots, seeds, and staiks of grapes.

Resveratol(trans-3,5,4-trihydroxystilbene),a compound found largely in skins of red grapes ,is a component of Ko-jo-kon ,an oriental medicine used to treat diseases of the blood vessels, heart [1,2] ,and liver[2] . It came to scientific attention only four years ago however ,as a possible explanation for the French Paradoxa the low incidence of heart disease among the French people, who eat a relatively high-fat diet[3].

Cardiovascular Effects

Several studies have demonstrated that resveratrol is an effective antioxidant[4,5] .Reduced platalt aggregation has also been demonstrated in studioes on resveratrol, further contributing to its prevention of athetosclerosis [2,5]

Cancer-Related Effects

One appealing characteristic of resveratrol anti-cancer potential is its minimal toxicity to blood-forming cells [6]

Taking resveratol pills is certainly safer than heavy consumption of red wine .

Resverstrol supports the heart by keeping fragments of cell called platelets from forming dangerous blood clots and also by reducing inflammation.

Energy supplement has been approved as a functional health supplement In the year 2000, this product has received outstanding comments from the scientists and researchers during the 2nd new invention drugs and health product exhibition in chong qing, china.It is the only product awarded with a gold medal.

Dosage :

Contents: 60 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage : 2 caps/twice a day with warm water(empty stomach)

2caps/thrice a day with warm water

*Keep it in a cool and dry place

*It is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women should not use this supplement


1. Celotti E and others Resveratrol content of some wines obtained from dried valpolicella grapes :Recioto and Amarone. Journal of chromatography A730(1-2):47-52,1996.

2. Soleas GJ, Diamandis EP ,Goldberg DM .Resveratrol :a molecule whose time has come ? And gone? Clinical Biochemistry 30:91-113,1997.

3. Kopp P.resveratrol a phytoestrogen found in red wine. A possible explanation for the conundrum of the ‘French paradox’? European journal of Endocrinology 138:619-620,1998.

4. Chanvitayapongs S, Draczynska-Lusiak B, sun AY. Amelioration of oxidative sress by antioxidants and resveratrol in PC12 cells. Neuroreport 8:1499-1502,1997

5. Rotondo S and others . Effect of trans-resveratrol, anatural polyphenolic compound, on human polymorphonuclear leukocyte function. British journal of pharmacology 123:1691-1699,1998.

6. Clement MV and others . Chemopreventive agent reveratrol , a natural product derived from grapes ,triggers CD95 signaling dependent apoptosis in human tumor cells. Blood 92:996-1002,1998.

Maca Tablet

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The Peruvian Ancestors have given the most extraordinary gift to humanity when they cultivated this remarkable herb food. Maca Root contains significant amounts of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, Vitamins B1, B2, C, E and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and iron and which all benefit the body in so many ways as you will see below.


-Increase Physical Stamina, Energy and Improve Chronic Fatigue Conditions
-Helps Promote Hormonal Balance And Well Being For Men And Women of All Ages
-Decreases Menopause Symptoms Like Hot Flashes, NightSweating, Vaginal Dryness, Mood Swings and Depression In Most Woman Including Thyroid and Fibromyalgia issues.
-Helps Feed, Nourish and Regulate The Entire Endocrine System Of The Body
- Increase Mental Clarity and Focus With Continued Use,Also Is Excellent For Attention Deficit Disorders
- Help Boost Libido and Sexual Dysfunction In Men and Women
- Improves Physical and Emotional Well Being For Most Users
- Fertility Enhancement For Men And Women Naturally
- Increased Sperm Count and Testosterone Levels
- Helps Improve Most Fatigue Syndromes
- Beneficial For Thyroidal And Fibromyalgia Issues
- Maca Has Been Known As The Baby Boomers Friend


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Tiens Cordycafe uniquely enriched with herb cordyceps, is an irresistible complement to your drinking pleasure “ It invigorates your spirit and mind ,improves work efficiency and productivity.

Along with good aroma & taste Cordy cafe gives you all the benefit of herb Cordyceps sinesis which boosts your immune system & supports the functioning of your organs.

Ingredients :

Herb Cordyceps senesis

Skimmed Milk Powder

Coffe enhancer

Condenced milk powder


Tricalcium Phosphate

Cocoa Powder

Foaming non dairy powder etc.

Contents 12 sachects per packet

Recommended usage : 1-2 times daily, 1 sachet for a cup (+ 150 ml ) each time to be mixed with hot water.

Improves digestion

Uplifts work efficiency

Boosts Immunity.



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Lowers fat by obstructing its absorption in the body

. Causes synergy of various organ systems

. Lowers cholesterol

. Clean the entire digestive tract by increasing the peristaltic activity

. Supports liver especially in people who drink a lot of alcohol

. Eliminates heavy metals from the body

. Helps to maintain a balanced electrolyte for good health

. Application of chitosan on the burn marks can remove the scars as it promotes new skin formation.

Herb Details

This Tianshi formula contains chitosan.

Chitosan is a nitrogenous polysaccharide similar to cellulose. It is a natural health care source derived from the hard outer layer of marine invertebrates and especially from red-footed crab. It may be regarded as a functional food, due to its auto-regulatory mechanism. It is technologically advanced product of 10 years of intense research, an integration of the efforts of 13 universities, with over 1,000 scientists and financial input of 100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million ) Us Dollars.

It is a fibrous food that can conserve water easily with a wetting and swelling action. Being a positively charged cation, it combines with negatively charged oily drops (fat) forming a barrier, which may hinder the absorption of the fat. If the fat is eventually absorbed, the chitin-chitosan, which is absorbed along with it greatly decreases the amount of fat stored. Usually fatty molecules are in combination with cholesterol or proteins, not as a single fatty molecule, in the blood stream. Hence, decrease in fatty molecules in the blood directly reduces the cholesterol levels proportionally.

Chitin-Chitosan has the ability to adjust the PH of its environment by approximately 0.5, in attempt to create a suitable condition for its optimal function.

Chitosan also regulates blood pressure by combining with chloride ion. Excess of sodium chloride (common salt ) may aggravate the elevation of blood pressure. As chitin-chitosan is a cationic dietary fibre, it can combine with the chloride anion in common salt and be excreted, thus lowering the chloride content in the body. This action will reduce the predisposing factors that lead to high blood pressure.

Environmental pollution, which causes a lot of problems in humans, is ever increasing nowadays. The most well known is the harmful effects of heavy metals, e.g. cadmium poisoning can cause ostealgia and mercury may cause toxic symptoms characterized by a peppery taste in the mouth, excessive salivation, loss of teeth, sponginess of the gums and ulceration in the mouth and marked emaciation. One can rely on the absorptive power of chitin-chitosan for its effective excretion of these heavy metals.


Contents:- 100 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage:- 2 capsule/twice a day with warm water (30 minutes before 2 heavy meals ) Drink plenty of water when consuming this supplement.

. Any fat soluble vitamin (A,D,E & K) medication or fatty acid should be taken

at least 4 hours before or after taking chitosan

. Anyone allergic to shellfish or sea food should take WMS with caution

. Keep in a cool and dry place

. It is strongly recommended that children below 16 years, pregnant or lactating women should not use this supplement.
Benefits Of Chitosan

1. Reduces Blood Lipid

2. Strengthens The Liver

3. Reduces Blood Glucose Level

4. Prevention of High Blood Pressure

5. Absorption of Heavy Metal

6. Helps in Excretion

7. Improves Digestive Functio


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Spirulina (Spirulina Capsules) is one of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet hence why it is called a SUPER FOOD! Tiens Spirulina is made of dried spirulina or blue-green algae and contains a rich source of anti-oxidants. The results of scientific research have confirmed that spirulina contains easy to digest vegetable protein, essential fatty acids (GLA) and polysaccharides which promote the growth of lactobacilli, the good bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract.

Scientific research has confirmed that spirulina has numerous anti-oxidants. It contains a natural balance of over 100 organic nutrients including vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, trace elements and amino acids including selenium, zinc, manganese, copper, methionine and high levels of natural vitamin E. It is also the world’s richest whole food source of iron, protein, chlorophyll and betacarotene. Scientists believe that the tiny Spirulina plant is close to the perfect food and many researchers believe it can significantly improve your health and energy levels.

Use only as directed. Always read the label.


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Cordyceps mycelium

Provides herbal support to the kidneys

Supports the lungs in conditions like cough, shortness of breath, profuse

perspiration and fatigue.

Anti inflammatory effect

Enhances immune system

Supports the body to deal with immune deficient amp; hyper-immune cases.

Acts as a natural antibiotic agent.

Supports the body to improve liver function

Increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue

Acts as a support system that helps to tolerate the effects of chemotherapy better.

Makes the skin young amp; beautiful by improving the blood circulation

Herb Details

This Tianshi formula contains the herb cordyceps

Cordyceps is one of the rarest and treasured herbs. It can be found in isolated places of south –west china, especially in the provinces of Tibet, Sichuan ,Qinghai ,Guise, and Yunnan, in locations over 3500 to 6000 meters above sae level. Cordyceps is primarily collected wild that is usually very expensive and costs up to $1000 for 100 grams.

A rare species with unique characteristics .Actually ,it is a combination of a plant and worm. The parasitic fungus coprdyceps sinesis, grows on the larvae of Hepialus aramoricanus. Over its 2 years underground life, it accumulates An abundant store of nutrients and special components essential for life at higher altitudes; there fore it can endure long-term hunger .

In ancient china ,cordyceps was highly recommended as one of the most effective herb for health .C.siensis was first described in Chinese medical text in c.A.D 200. Alater account, c.A.D 1600, compared this bizarre, medicinal caterpillar fungus to ginseng as a tonic. A sweet tonic for lungs and kidneys, and a tranquilizer amp; muscle relaxant controlling cough and having anti bacterial and cancer effect.[1]

Used internally for

. Cough

. Tuberculosis

. Condition associated with kidneys weakness (impotence, back pains, nightsweats)

. Menopausal problems

. Convalescence

. Naso-pharyngeal cancer

In general, cordyceps is a tonic that helps the body build strength, improves the organic functioning, strengthens the immune system and brings longevity.


Contents:- 100 caps per bottle

Recommended Dosage :- 1-2 capsules / two times a day with warm water (empty stomach)

*keep in a cool and dry place

* it is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women ,any one with a medical condition must consult a physician before using this product


[1] Deni Bown enclopedia of herbs and their uses ,The Royal Horticulture society, Dorling Kindersely limited ,London:267,1995.


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Since long time the basic problem human being is health, It is very necessary to treat diseases to have good health. If a person is sick. he will definitely go to a Doctor Doctor advised him many laboratory tests which become grate trouble for the patient. If he donot go to labs. For tests then doctor won’t be confirmed about his disease & when he reached labs. It becomes so late that the disease becomes almost incurable. But now all these problems can be solved by a very simple and small apparatus named Aculife. Aculife utilizes magic wave to perform health condltion diagnosis. It relieves general health problems by stimulating acupunchre meridians on the ear and palm which improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system

Antilipemic Tea

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Modern life style leads the society to the unhealthy food inasmuch as they tend to choose fast food because of its convenience and delicious taste. Unfortunately, this fst food does not provide our body any benefits due to its fats excesses as well as fiber and vitamins deficiency. Consuming too much fatty foods will result to the increasing of cholesterol in the blood. These fats will be concentrated in the blood vessels, causing the clog of blood. As a result, the heart will not able to work well and other disease will emerge.

Don't let this happend to you and your family! We can avoid the risk of heart problems by having a healthy life such as take regular exercise and eat low fat foods. The prevention can be optimized by consuming Tiens' tea, known as, Antilipemic Tea.

Tiens Tea consists of kind of herbs, one of which is green tea. Here are the following benefits of Antilipemic Tea:
  • Regularize the blood circulation
  • neutralize the blood due to fatty foods and triglyceride
  • Decrease the cholesterol (LDL) and uric acid.
  • Neutralize poison (free radical) in the body.
  • Regularize the urinary system.
  • Prevent the heart problems.
  • Strengthen heart.
  • Heal the sight problem.
  • Nourish the skin face.
  • Avoid grey hair.
  • Reduce body weight in a long term period
Hoe to Consume Tiens' Tea?
  1. Boil 3 glasses of water (250 cc each glass), put the tea in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Turn off the stove and tea is ready to serve.
  2. Do not add sugar to get the best result of tea.
  3. Drink tea 2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.
  4. Antilipemic Tea absorbs and passes the unnecessary matters out through urine. Do not consume before they are absorbed.
  5. A sachet of tea can be boiled more then once a day. Keep the used sached in the refrigerator so as it can be reused.

The First Step

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Passive Income

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What is passive income and how can I earn some?
Passive income, on the other hand, is permanent income. In this type of business you can take an overseas vacation and return to find that your business has actually grown.
Residual or passive income is only enjoyed by a relatively few occupations: authors, songwriters, movie stars, inventors ... and those who have developed a successful network marketing business.
Passive income is where you are paid over and over again, throughout your lifetime, for something you did only once. Think of it like a royalty payment. So, as long as your organisation is ordering product from Tiens, you will receive the bonuses on those sales, even if you haven't been personally responsible for making the sale.
Don't forget, it's not just your customers that earn you income!
This is the greatest advantage of Network Marketing. It is not just your personal sales that produce income, but the combined purchases and sales of those you have introduced to the business, and who they have introduced, and so on.

Compensation Plan

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Tiens Compensation Plan
  • There are eight types of bonuses and rewards you can earn
  • There are no annual renewal fees
  • You are offered a lifetime membership
  • You never lose your position once you qualify for it.
  • There are no breakaways and no flushing
  • Your Qualifying volumes are cumulative
  • Rewards like prestige cars are given to you out right no payment plans.
  • You can build an international business in over 90 countries.
  • Only 50 PBV to qualify for bonus payments
  • How the Bonuses work
    The eight types of income available through Tiens.
    1. Retail Profit 20%
    As an Independent Consultant of Tiens, you are entitled to purchase products at a wholesale rate. You are then free to retail product to your customers with the difference between the wholesale and retail prices being entirely your profit.
    2. Preferred Customer Bonus 5 - 40%
    A Preferred Customer is someone who is only interested in consuming or using the product and is not interested in becoming an Independent Consultant. They are entitled to purchase product at the wholesale rate, but they are not eligible to receive bonuses. The Business Value (BV), which is generated, goes to the Independent Consultant who sponsored them.
    3. Direct Bonus 5 - 40%
    A Direct Bonus is what you as an Independent Consultant earn from your personally sponsored frontline starting at the 2-star level. As you advance in rank, you receive a corresponding increase in your Direct Bonus percentage until you reach a maximum 40%. This also applies to your personal purchases where you receive a rebate payment as a Direct Bonus.
    4. Indirect Bonus 4 - 35%
    The Indirect Bonus is calculated on the BV of your entire down-line. It is based on a sliding scale of 4% increments and the percentage varies depending on your ranking and the ranking of your down-line members. As your business develops, this bonus alone can produce substantial income.
    5. Leadership Bonus 3.5%
    The Leadership Bonus is earned on the entire down-line organisation of an Independent Consultant with the same ranking as you. As your ranking increases, so the Leadership Bonus payments increase. This bonus is paid from the 5-star to 8-star level and from your first generation to your fifth generation down-line.
    6. Honoured Title Bonus .25 - 5% Total Global Turnover
    The Honoured Title Bonus is like a profit-sharing plan, only it is paid on sales revenue and not just profit. Tiens puts aside 5% of worldwide sales in a pool for those who qualify for the Honoured Title Bonus. You qualify when you become an 8-star Independent Consultant with two 8-star legs in your down-line and a minimum GBV of 2,500.
    7. Special Rewards (Trips, Prestige Car, Luxury Yacht, Plane, Luxury Home)
    Special Awards are offered to Independent Consultants who achieve the highest levels of the Compensation Plan. An Independent Consultant who achieves the Honoured Title Bonus for six months (including three consecutive months), will be awarded with the following: The Bronze Lion will win a FREE TRIP, the Silver Lion a PRESTIGE CAR the Gold Lion and 1-4 star Gold Lion a YACHT, the 5 star Gold Lion a PLANE, and the Honoured Director a LUXURY HOME. Each of these awards can be earned as the BV accumulates and increases. Once you have been awarded these prizes they are yours outright. There is no future qualifying required to keep the awards.
    8. Auto-ship Bonus 1- 10%
    The Auto-ship Bonus is paid on all Auto-ship purchases in your down-line to seven levels deep. Up to 40% of the Autoship BV is paid to qualifying Independent Consultants. The benefit of Autoship with the 50BV minimum purchase is two-fold. It ensures that 1) you and your customers never run out of your favourite products and 2) you qualify for bonus payments.

    marketing plan

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    Auto personal Consumption Plan

    Qualification: All distributors can apply for monthly Auto personal consumption.
    Company will share 40% of the sales to distribute it according to the generation of the distributors.

    8% STATUS Level Three Star

    Four Star

    Five Star Six Star Seven Star or 100 PV Eight Star or 175 PV
    Auto Personal




    1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
    2 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8%
    3 6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
    4 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
    3% 3% 3% 3% 3%

    3% 3% 3% 3%

    3% 3% 3%

    3% 3%

    2% 2%



    1. The auto personal consumption plan applies to distributor with corresponding status. The auto personal consumption plan applies to the distributor who finished the quota of the auto personal consumption .The personal consumption of those distributors who do not take auto personal consumption plan will be calculated according to their start status.
    2. If auto consumption value is not 50PV ,75PV , 100PV, or 175PV, the auto consumption value will be calculated according to the nearest value below its actual value, the bonus will be distributed according to the generation. The bonus of exceeded part will be calculated according to the business plan.

    Star Ranking

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    Star Rankings
    1 Star Starter Kit Rp. 85.000
    2 Star 75 PBV 5%
    3 Star 300 PBV 20%
    4 Star 500 CBV + (3 x 3 Stars) 24%
    5 Star 6,000 CBV + (3 x 4 Stars) 28%
    6 Star 25,000 CBV + (3 x 5 Stars) 32%
    7 Star 100,000 CBV + (3 x 6 Stars) 36%
    8 Star 400,000 CBV + (3 x 7 Stars) 40%
    Following the reference on the previous page to Star Rankings, these diagrams are simplified examples of business centres showing the multi level effect of duplication resulting in an exponential growth of the number of people promoting and using Tiens products in your business.
    A simple way to understand the Star level qualifications
    3-Star Ranking
    To achieve 3-Star, you must have 300 PBV.
    4-Star Ranking
    To achieve 4-Star, you must have 3 consultants in your business at 3-Star level, and have a total of 1500 CBV.
    The difference between the 3 x 3-Stars volume and the Total CBV may come from customers or by one or more consultants, including you, purchasing extra. Total PBV 300
    5-Star Ranking
    To achieve 5-Star, you must have 3 consultants at 4-Star level, and a total of 6000 CBV.
    The difference between the 3 x 5-Stars volume and the Total CBV may come from customers or by one or more consultants,
    6-Star Ranking
    To achieve 6-Star, you must have 3 consultants in your business at 5-Star level, and have a total of 25000 CBV.
    The difference between the 3 x 5-Stars volume and the Total CBV may come from customers or by one or more consultants, including you, purchasing extra.
    7-Star Ranking
    To achieve 7-Star, you must have 3 consultants in your business at 6-Star level, and have a total of 100,000 CBV.
    The difference between the 3 x 6-Stars volume and the Total CBV may come from customers or by one or more consultants, including you, purchasing extra.
    8-Star Ranking
    To achieve 8-Star, you must have 3 consultants in your business at 7-Star level, and have a total of 400,000 CBV.
    The difference between the 3 x 7-Stars volume and the Total CBV may come from customers or by one or more consultants, including you, purchasing extra.
    The benefits are many and unique.
    Take the time to understand the Tiens Compensation Plan. There are "treasures" in the detail that could, in due course, line your pockets with wealth.
    You will find that it is one of the fairest, most generous Compensation Plans ever devised.
    1 BV = $1 USD
    BV = Business Volume
    PBV = Personal Business Volume
    CBV = Cumulative Business Volume
    GBV = Group Business Volume
    TBV = Total Business Volume

    Special Award Bonus

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    These special awards are given to Independent Consultants who demonstrate leadership and steadfastness. Each of these awards can be earned as your business volume accumulates and increases. Once you qualify, you have no choice as to which award you want - you must accept them all. Tiens presents these prizes fully paid for - yours outright! There is no future qualifying required to keep the awards.
    Details on how to qualify for the awards are listed on the previous page.
    Imagine attending an International Convention, holiday paid for by Tiens, and being one of the highly esteemed recipients of these fabulous awards.
    This year, President Li Jinyuan personally presented to Independent Consultants the keys to 300 Prestige Vehicles, 23 Yachts, 36 Yacht & Plane packages and 14 Yacht, Plane and Luxury Home packages.
    Free Trip (0.4% of global turnover): The company awards an all expenses paid tour to selected Consultants who have attained the Status of Bronze Lion or higher and won the Bronze Lion Honoured Bonus in six months (including three consecutive months) of a fi scal year.
    Prestige Cars
    Motor Vehicle (0.7% of global turnover): Selected Consultants who have attained the Status of Silver Lion or higher and won the Silver Lion Honoured Bonus in six months (including three consecutive months) of a fiscal year will receive a car as a one-time reward from the company.
    Motor Cruisers
    Yacht (0.3% of global turnover): Selected Consultants who have attained the Status of Gold Lion or higher and won the Gold Lion Honoured Bonus in six months (including three consecutive months) of a fi scal year will receive a luxury cruise as a reward from the company. This award is transferable to cash or may be accumulated and combined with plane and villa awards.
    Plane (0.3% of global turnover): Selected Consultants who have attained the Status of Five Star Gold Lion or higher and won the Five Star Gold Lion Honoured Bonus in six months (including three consecutive months) of a fi scal year will receive a private plane as a reward from the company. This award is transferable to cash or may be accumulated and combined with yacht and villa awards
    Luxury Homes
    Luxury House/Villa (0.3% of global turnover): Selected Consultants who have attained the Status of Honoured Director and won the Honoured Director Honoured Bonus in six months (including three consecutive months) will receive a luxury house as a reward from the company. This award is transferable to cash or may be accumulated and combined with yacht and villa awards.


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    Tiens Online Products are available ONLY for Tiens Independent Consultants.

    Policy and Procedures:

  • Shipping and Back Order Policy:
  • Orders will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. A shipping and handling fees of A$8.50 will normally be applied. Tiens will expeditiously ship any part of an order which currently in stock. However, if an ordered item is out of stock, it will be place on back order and sent when Tiens receives additional inventory. Indepedent Consultant will be charged and given Personal Sales Volume(BV) on back ordered items unless notified on the invoice that the products has been discontinued.

    Tiens will notify Independent Consultant within 2 working days if items are backordered and are not expected to arrive within 30 days from the date of order. Estimated arrival date will also be be provided. Back ordered may be cancelled upon request. Independent Consultant may request for a refund, credit on account or replacement of mechandise for cancelled back ordered.

  • Confirmation of Order:
  • An Independent Consultant or recipient of an order must notify the Company within 3 working days of any discrepancy or damage to the order. Failure to do so may cancel the Independent Consultant's right to request for a correction.

  • Product Guarantee. Return, and Inventory Repurchase, Products Exchange:
  • Tiens warrants the quality of its products and will refund any defective products provided that the warranty has not elapsed. An Independent Consultant returning a damaged or defective product must contact Tiens Customer Service at the Sydney Head Office to receive an authorisation prior to returning the product(s).

  • Thirty (30) Day Return Policy:
  • Tiens 100%(less shipping), unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee policy is applicable to all Independent Consultant provided the return products is in resaleable conditions. If of any reason an Independent Consultant is dissatisfied with any Tiens Products, he/she may return the products to us within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase for a replacement, exchange, or full refund. Tiens may deduct from the amount of the refund paid to the Independent Consultant any commissions or bonuses the Independent Consultant may received as of the result of the products that he/she returns for a refund.

  • All Other Return Policy:
  • An Independent Consultant may return products which he/she purchased within the past 3 months for a refund of 90% of the purchase price provided the merchandise is in resaleable condition, unless otherwise requied by law.

    Products shall be deemed "resaleable" if each of the following condition is satisfied:
  • They are unopened and unused;
  • Packaging and labelling has not been altered or damaged;
  • The product and packaging are in a condition such that it is commercially reasonable practice within the trade to sell the merchandise at full price;
  • Products are returned to Tiens within one year from the date of purchase;
  • The products expired date has not elapsed;
  • The products contains current Tiens labelling. Any merchandise that is clearly identified at the time of sale as non returnable, discontinued or a seasonal item, shall not be resaleable.
  • Return Procedure:
  • To receive refund, exchange or replacement on products purchased, an Independent Consultant must:
  • Obtain Authorisation from Tiens Customer Service Department.
  • Return the products with original packing slip to Tiens.
  • Use proper shipping carton and packaging material when returning the products. The Independent Consultant is responsible for tracing the return shipment when necessary.
  • Enclose with a return explanation letter, a copy of Original sales receipt must accompany all returned products.
  • Only the Independent Consultant who ordered the products may return it.
  • Tiens is not liable for items lost or damaged in transit.
    No refund or replacement of products will be made if the above conditions of these are not met.
  • Transaction Currency:
  • Australian Dollar

  • Security and Privacy:
  • Tiens use the latest SSL encryption (128 bit) technology to ensure all Indepedent Consultant payment details are kept secure. We do not sell, rent or disseminate any of the information to other parties.

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    Distributors should make the introduction and dissemination of Tianshi in accordance with the current company literatures, printed materials of labels on the packages. Any explanation beyond the above scope must be approved by the company in writing

    Distributors should realistically present the Tianshi Marketing Plan and clearly explain the required levels and steps towards success

    Distributors should not make any negative or disparaging remarks about Tianshi or its products

    Distributors should not make any negative or disparaging remarks about other companies or their products

    Distributors should consistently do their best to disseminate the conception of Tianshi and engage in no activities that may cause loss to Tianshi or any other independent Tianshi Distributor

    Distributors should not use the name of Tianshi or any Tianshi trademarks, materials, Distributor lists, literatures, meetings or any other Tianshi resources to further other business
    Distributors should try their best to ensure that customers are satisfied with Tianshi products and services Distributors should carry out all duties of sponsorship and guide the sponsored Tianshi Distributors to expand their business Distributors should respect the personal rights of other Distributors and customers Distributors should abide by all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances that are applicable to the operation of Tianshi Business

    Regulations over Distribution Basic principles Purpose To authorize Distributors the right to sell the Tianshi products on Distributors and set forth the right, obligations, responsibilities and duties on the marketing of products for Tianshi and its Distributors. Representations 1. Tianshi represents: that it will manufacture products of high quality for the consumers and ensure the normal product supply and offer good service, effective assistant tools, training and propagating materials and grant bonuses to Distributors poeriodically.2. The Distributor represents: a) to propagate Tianshi as an independent Tianshi Distributor in accordance with all terms and conditions of these Regulations. b) To treat fairly and honestly with Tianshi, Tianshi Distributors and Tianshi customers. Good Faith Tianshi is committed to quality products and services, and the resolute observations of business norms. Although Distributors are generally free to operate their business, Tianshi commitment to good business practice requires that every Distributor should promise to act in good faith at all times. Establishing a Distributorship Initial Qualifications1. In order to become authorized Distributor of Tianshi products, an applicant must be a legal resident of India.
    2. A Distributor may run his/her business individually or jointly with his/her spouse or partner. The Tianshi Distributorship can not be owned by more then two persons.
    3. An applicant should submit a filled Tianshi Distributor Application Form, purchase the latest Distributor literatures and read carefully the Business Manual and the main product brochures contained in it.
    4. An independent Tianshi Distributor can not individually or jointly own the Distributorship owned by others, or participate as a partner, owner, keeper or director of another Tianshi Distributor. In other words, one Tianshi Distributor can only participate in one Tianshi Distributorship at any given time.
    5. A Tianshi Distributor represents his/her intention to establish a Tianshi Business by signing the Distributor Application Form and promises to work with other Distributor towards the success of Tianshi Business.

    Independent Business Relationship Under no circumstances shall the Tianshi Distributors be considered as agents or employees of Tianshi. A Distributor is an independent contractor whose success or failure depends on his/her independent efforts. Distributors may decide on the business time and method of marketing on the basis of the Business Manual but not allowed to change Tianshi products in any way. Neither the Company nor the Distributor will represent the other parry, sign any contract or make promises in the name of the other party. For all the Distributors, the expenses for the development of the Tianshi Business should be borne by themselves, including the expenses on travel, entertainment, office, employee’s accountant and development. All the Distributors should be liable for relative taxes for their independent business, and these taxes may be deducted from their bonuses and paid by the company on the basis of the regulations issued by the local tax department. Distributors must abide by the relative laws, rules and regulations as business operators. Distributors should consult the local relevant authorities to ensure the legal operation of their business. Operating a Distributorship Authorized Marketing Region unless specifically authorized by Tianshi in written form, any Distributor may only sell the Tianshi products purchased from the local Tianshi Marketing Office and the products can only be sold to consumers in the authorized marketing areas. Pricing And Ordering All the Distributors shall purchase the Tianshi products from Tianshi at the Retail prices. Tianshi has the right to adjust the prices any time and will, as much as possible, notify the active Distributors of the adjustments. Distributors should order the Tianshi products according to the company’s regulated methods and procedures. No Relabelling or RepackagingTianshi has the responsibility to ensure that all the packages and labels of the Tianshi products comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Before selling, Distributors are not allowed to repack or relabel the products purchased from the company.

    Bonus Restrictions on Retailing Bonus to Distributors is decided by the corresponding BV points (given to particular products) which are calculated in accordance with the Marketing Plan of a particular Distributor and his/her marketing network.
    The amount of bonus depends upon the latest Tianshi Marketing Plan. Distributors can consult this Business Manual. Tianshi has the right to amend a part or the whole Marketing Plan any time.
    Bonus granting date is decided in accordance with the terms of the Marketing Plan on a monthly or other periodic basis. Please consult the related part of this Business Manual for details on the bonus granting method and accounting service fees.
    Advertising and Use of Trademarks1. In the advertisement of Tianshi products or Marketing Plan through media, Distributor should observe the following rules: a) Tianshi Distributors should use the exact words, photographs, graphics, trade marks etc. complying with the Tianshi Distributor’s latest Business Manual. b) Any difference in content or innovations can only be implemented upon the writ ten approvals by the Company.2. Distributors are not allowed to directly or indirectly use or permit others to use the registered trademarks or the Tianshi logotypes or any other registered names of Tianshi products.
    These limitations are also applicable to the utilization on Internet, Email and other electronic media.
    Distributors are not allowed to print any of the Tianshi logotypes on stationery or business card. In case of real need, they should get the authorization from the Com pony, but no amendment is allowed. Tianshi has the right to cancel the authorization according to the concrete conditions.3. Distributors are not allowed to sell or propagate non Tianshi products in the name of Tianshi, its agents or its employees.4. The Tianshi trademarks, name and intellectual property rights are owned outright by the Company, and Distributors cannot derive any benefit by the use of them. Mean while, without the permission of Tianshi, the Distributors are not allowed to dupli cate or publish Tianshi literatures, record tapes or video tapes. 5. If any Distributor finds that the Tianshi trademarks are illegally used, or the Tianshi copyrights or intellectual property rights are infringed, the Distributor should inform the Company in writing, for the Company to take the necessary legal action to protect its rights.

    Restrictions on the Presentation of Tianshi Products and Marketing Plan Distributors shall accurately introduce Tianshi products and Marketing Plan. This obligation includes the following aspects:

    a) Distributors shall neither mis-state nor omit any significant facts about the Tianshi Marketing plan, and must present the relevant parts of the Business Manual to the prospective Distributors.

    b) Distributors shall be clear that the Tianshi Business is based on the sales of Tianshi products, and that Tianshi Distributors will not be successful merely by recruiting new Distributors without marketing.

    c) Distributors shall not exaggerate the presentation to those who wish to join Tianshi Business, nor guarantee profit and fixed income to them. It should be stated that Distributors will only be successful through hard work.

    d) Unless they are licensed medicine practitioners, Distributors shall not attempt to diagnose or treat the ailments of their Up lines or Downlines.

    e) Distributors shall not make any presentations for any Tianshi product other than those found in current Tianshi literatures and labels. All statements regarding Tianshi products and their usages must conform in every way to current material about Tianshi products.

    Sponsorship Restriction Sponsor is the person who introduces to another the Tianshi Marketing Plan. Conducting Other Business Distributor who is engaged in the marketing activities of non-Tianshi Business is not allowed to directly or indirectly canvass or induce another Tianshi Distributor to sell or buy these non-Tianshi products. Distributors should not go in for other business through the relationship between him/her and other Distributors or materials obtained from Tianshi. Any action of this kind, if found by Tianshi, will lead to the termination of the Distributorship. Developing the Tianshi Business In establishing the Tianshi Business, a Distributor needs to sponsor others to become Distributors of Tianshi products.
    Sponsoring requires the Distributors to introduce Tianshi products and literatures to prospective Distributors to train and maintain contact with them and answer their questions. Representations to prospective Distributors should accurately present Tianshi products and Marketing Plan.
    Distributors must comply with the following rules:1. Distributors must use only materials about Tianshi prepared or approved by Tianshi only.

    2. a) Distributors should not exaggerate their sales, income or benefits, or make any undocumented, illegal promise.

    b) Distributors may only publicize their personal income and bonuses, and ex- plain that they can not guarantee the income for prospective Distributors.

    c) Distributors should abide by the local laws, and make known their average income and sales in necessary.

    3. Distributors should be honest and not make inflated presentations when they introduce the bonuses of travel and car they receive from the Company.

    4. Distributors should explain that the retailing or marketing of Tianshi products is an essential element of the Marketing Plan.

    5. The sponsoring Distributors should be sure that the prospective Distributors have the latest Tianshi Business Manual, enabling them to obtain an in-depot under standing of Tianshi, and state clearly to all prospective Distributors that only with time, energy and effort shall they enjoy the benefits listed in the Marketing Plan. Training New Tianshi Distributors To qualify as a sponsor of new Distributors, a sponsor is obliged to provide training and instruction. Double Sponsoring No Distributor may be sponsored by more than one Distributor. A Distributor and his/her spouse sponsored by two different sponsors simultaneously also means “Double Sponsoring”, and the sponsorship of the latter will be terminated by the Company. Termination of Distributorship Voluntary Termination Distributor who desires to terminate his/her Distributorship must inform Tianshi in a written notice. Unless a Distributor has requested a refund for unsold inventory in conjunction with a voluntary termination under this rule, he/she will not be allowed to join Tianshi Business directly or indirectly within twelve (12) months from the date of his/her voluntary termination. Involuntary Termination Any violation of the Regulations over Distribution will lead to the termination of Distributorship. Excuse for Non PerformanceTianshi will not be held responsible for delays and failures in performance due to force majeure, including, but not limited to, strike, labor dispute, riot, earthquake, war, flood, fire, epidemic or government decree or order. Assignment and Delegation Distributors may not by any means, assign his/her Distributorship or delegate his/her performance without the prior written consent of Tianshi. Any attempted assignment or delegation without such consent will be held invalid by Tianshi.

    Amendment The Regulations over Distribution are set down to preserve the benefits of all independent Tianshi Distributors. Tianshi reserves the right to amend, modify, supplement or delete all or any part of the Regulations to achieve the goal of the Tianshi Marketing Plan and maintain the benefits and the whole profits of the Company. Tianshi will inform all Tianshi Distributors of any change, through notice and other media. Quality WarrantyTianshi warrants that the quality of Tianshi products comply with the high quality standard requirements. Upon receiving a written application and explanation, the Company will exchange any defective product or refund the full purchase price according to the relevant rules.Indemnity1. The Company protects the legal rights of its consumers and believes that the products are of high quality.

    2. If a consumer is harmed by health from consuming or using Tianshi products, he/ she has the legal right to get indemnity upon the appraisal by relevant authorities and presentation of legal certificate.

    3. When consumer’s legal rights are infringed, they may seek solutions in the follow ing ways:

    a) Consulting with Distributors

    b) Consulting with Tianshi

    c) Arbitral solution

    5. Tianshi has the right to investigate and affix the responsibility, according to the law, to those who intentionally defame Tianshi or its products.

    Death or Incapacity Upon the death or incapacity of a Distributor, all of his/her benefits and interests, listed in the Operating Rules for Tianshi Distributors, will be inherited by his/her legal successor. Tianshi will transfer the Distributorship to the legal heir, guardian, trustee or other successor after receiving the relevant death certificate or court verdict. The legal successor should sign the Distributor Application Form and agree to abide by all its rules. However, Tianshi will not transfer the ownership if the successor does not meet the Distributorship to another person and Tianshi will continue to grant bonus, if any in the name of the original Distributor. Violation, Enforcement and Resolution Procedures. When a Distributor finds a violation of these Regulations, he/she should point out in time to the relevant authorities. The violator should also have a more profound understanding of the Regulations and try to avoid such kind of con duct in the future.

    B. If the violating Distributor continues to operate his/her business in disregard of the Regulations, Distributors who know the details should then report the matter to Tianshi by sending a letter which states the nature of the violation, the violat ing Distributor’s name, address and telephone number, and all the relevant materials.

    The reporter should ensure the truthfulness and reliability of all the material and sign the letter. If there is any false or misleading information, Tianshi will investigate and afire the responsibility.

    Tianshi will make a thorough investigation on any violation and offer opportunity for the violating Distributor to defend himself/herself, or consult his/her Uplines or Downlines. Tianshi will also send a formal notice to the violating Distributor, asking him/her within ten (10) days from the time when he/she receives the notice, to submit his/her personal viewpoints with attached evidence for the review of the Company. Afterwards, Tianshi will pronounce its verdict correspondingly.

    Agreement Of Tianshi Distributorship1. Distributors should sign the Distributor Application Form accurately and ensure that all the necessary formalities for being engaged in the Tianshi business are in order.

    2. The Distributors is responsible for all government imposed taxes and levies.

    3. Distributors are neither employees nor agents of Tianshi. The Distributors have a contractual relationship with Tianshi which gives them only the limited right to sell the Tianshi products, recommend new clients to join the Tianshi business and win related rewards according to the bonus system of the Company.

    4. The provision of the Tianshi Business Manual govern the contract between Tianshi and the Distributor. Tianshi is nor liable for any contrary term held out orally or otherwise, by any person to a prospective Distributor, contrary to or in addition to the provisions of the Tianshi Business Manual.

    5. Tianshi guarantees to offer the Distributors the products, which meet with relevant stipulations and the promised quality requirements and standards.

    6. Tianshi and the name of its subsidiary framework, its trademarks and the logo types are owned outright by the Company and are protected by laws. No other individual, corporate, or entity can use them unless authorized in writing by the Company.

    7. The Company has the power to deduct the relevant expenses owed by the Dis tributor from their bonus.

    8. Distributors shall not display or sell the Company’s products in any retailing out let.

    9. Distributors must buy the products from the company and sell them only at the prices prescribed by the company and not at any prices, which are lower or higher than the uniform prices.

    10. Distributors should sell the products according to the literatures and propa ganda material aids provided by the Company. Distributors are forbidden from preparing the selling materials by himself/herself without the written permission of the Company.
    Any dispute between the Company and Distributors will be handled in accor dance with relevant laws of the country of the Distributor or in accordance with any arbitration clause which may be specified.