Vigor Rousing Capsules

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Vigor Rousing Capsules

Provides herbal support to the heart

. Prevents thrombus (clot) formation

. Effectively removes free radicals

. Stops low density lipoprotein (LDL) from oxidation

. Retards the degenerative process

. Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory functions

Herb Details

This herbal formula contains Resveratrol , a grape extract.

Resveratol is derived from grape plant by using a high-tech bioengineering process. While present in other foods such as mulberries and eucalyptus ,spruce and lily and in other foods such as mulberries and peanuts, resveratrol most abundant natural sources are Vitis vinifera ,labrusca, and muscadine grapes , which are used to make wines. The antioxidant is naturally occurring and grapes are its most substantial natural source. It occurs in the vines ,roots, seeds, and staiks of grapes.

Resveratol(trans-3,5,4-trihydroxystilbene),a compound found largely in skins of red grapes ,is a component of Ko-jo-kon ,an oriental medicine used to treat diseases of the blood vessels, heart [1,2] ,and liver[2] . It came to scientific attention only four years ago however ,as a possible explanation for the French Paradoxa the low incidence of heart disease among the French people, who eat a relatively high-fat diet[3].

Cardiovascular Effects

Several studies have demonstrated that resveratrol is an effective antioxidant[4,5] .Reduced platalt aggregation has also been demonstrated in studioes on resveratrol, further contributing to its prevention of athetosclerosis [2,5]

Cancer-Related Effects

One appealing characteristic of resveratrol anti-cancer potential is its minimal toxicity to blood-forming cells [6]

Taking resveratol pills is certainly safer than heavy consumption of red wine .

Resverstrol supports the heart by keeping fragments of cell called platelets from forming dangerous blood clots and also by reducing inflammation.

Energy supplement has been approved as a functional health supplement In the year 2000, this product has received outstanding comments from the scientists and researchers during the 2nd new invention drugs and health product exhibition in chong qing, china.It is the only product awarded with a gold medal.

Dosage :

Contents: 60 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage : 2 caps/twice a day with warm water(empty stomach)

2caps/thrice a day with warm water

*Keep it in a cool and dry place

*It is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women should not use this supplement


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