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Cordyceps mycelium

Provides herbal support to the kidneys

Supports the lungs in conditions like cough, shortness of breath, profuse

perspiration and fatigue.

Anti inflammatory effect

Enhances immune system

Supports the body to deal with immune deficient amp; hyper-immune cases.

Acts as a natural antibiotic agent.

Supports the body to improve liver function

Increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue

Acts as a support system that helps to tolerate the effects of chemotherapy better.

Makes the skin young amp; beautiful by improving the blood circulation

Herb Details

This Tianshi formula contains the herb cordyceps

Cordyceps is one of the rarest and treasured herbs. It can be found in isolated places of south รข€“west china, especially in the provinces of Tibet, Sichuan ,Qinghai ,Guise, and Yunnan, in locations over 3500 to 6000 meters above sae level. Cordyceps is primarily collected wild that is usually very expensive and costs up to $1000 for 100 grams.

A rare species with unique characteristics .Actually ,it is a combination of a plant and worm. The parasitic fungus coprdyceps sinesis, grows on the larvae of Hepialus aramoricanus. Over its 2 years underground life, it accumulates An abundant store of nutrients and special components essential for life at higher altitudes; there fore it can endure long-term hunger .

In ancient china ,cordyceps was highly recommended as one of the most effective herb for health .C.siensis was first described in Chinese medical text in c.A.D 200. Alater account, c.A.D 1600, compared this bizarre, medicinal caterpillar fungus to ginseng as a tonic. A sweet tonic for lungs and kidneys, and a tranquilizer amp; muscle relaxant controlling cough and having anti bacterial and cancer effect.[1]

Used internally for

. Cough

. Tuberculosis

. Condition associated with kidneys weakness (impotence, back pains, nightsweats)

. Menopausal problems

. Convalescence

. Naso-pharyngeal cancer

In general, cordyceps is a tonic that helps the body build strength, improves the organic functioning, strengthens the immune system and brings longevity.


Contents:- 100 caps per bottle

Recommended Dosage :- 1-2 capsules / two times a day with warm water (empty stomach)

*keep in a cool and dry place

* it is strongly recommended that children below 16 years ,pregnant or lactating women ,any one with a medical condition must consult a physician before using this product


[1] Deni Bown enclopedia of herbs and their uses ,The Royal Horticulture society, Dorling Kindersely limited ,London:267,1995.

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